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Kermis is not same kermis.
In Thuringia the care of the customs and traditions - a party of the inhabitants almost of every municipality - originally on the occasion of the fair is connected with the "
kermis". Here honorary post is asked. The expenses for expenditures like chapel, tent or hall rent are financed by donations to regional sponsors or the admission charges with dances. Many kermis societies are registered and non-profit associations.

In a lot of regions of Germany the notion "Kermis" with exhibitor, driving business and bustles connected and therefore a business concern. In Thuringia this is only accessories what more or less exists according to the publics to be expected.

Children's kermis - climax for our small in Thuringia - in 2009Kinderkirmes in Thüringen

Where some kermis societies did not execute the children's kermis because of too low participation of our youngest any more, new kermis societies always arrived which have created this additional climax for our children. Our entrance was to allow to see this before not known climax to our both new children and to see radiant happy children's eyes. I think - we have succeeded. So we experienced the kermis for our children in the most different presentation forms. Besides, side effect is also that one would like to interest the children as potential young people in own kermis society.
Inarticulately is that with so low admission charges far under the average in the place to living children participate in it. Frequently exceeds the value of the goods which get all participating children as prices, the admission charge around a multiple. So reasonably one nowhere gets where a so well organized children's event - particularly if own purse is rather thin.

Children's kermis of different kermis societies of ThuringiaChildren's kermis in Thuringia

One must not spend a property to organize a good and successful children's kermis. If sponsors with thick(fat) "money stock exchange" are ready, one can bind himself a solo entertainer like clown or comparable. No other intervention is required here. By music, program equipment about balloons up to small prices can be arranged there.

We could see a so top organized event in Apfelstädt (youth kermis society Apfelstädt), Günthersleben and in Rudisleben with " clown Paletti ". Comparable these were with the kermis events in Alkersleben where " DJ Matze " or in Haarhausen where the dance and party volume from Arnstadt "NightLife" or in Marlishausen where the ichtershäuser volume Color(tape "Color") in the presenters were, which also the present children more than could arouse enthusiasm. The children's kermis in Holzhausen, tubes sea and Mühlberg - organizes in own direction of the kermis societies are certainly for the association the "cheapest" events, however, it needs of a presenter who can inspire the children. And the kermis societies have managed this very well. Particularly positively struck us, in this connection that in each case the whole kermis society participated in full equipment in it.

Warm congratulations to all kermis societies - it was to be considered strangely how happily the children's eyes shone and followed enthusiastic them(her,it) the program and helped.

Whether these were the single children-kermis events which depend we this year visited on whether other societies(companies) may publish their(her) event and visit this also as a guest. The kermis calendar hardly shows appointments. We hope that herewith all kermis societies which execute a children's kermis get suggestions which can raise the words to these events and therefore also the regulators a dignified acknowledgment for their(her) work during the consequence years get to know.

In appreciation of the excellent child employment get all kermis societies in which we participations and will participate, a photo CD with the admissions of the children's event for own use(application).

How one celebrates the children's kermis (in the Netherlands in other regions: Kinderkermis duitsland), one can inform on these partner's sides.

Children's kermis in ThuringiaChildren's kermis in Rörensee - 4th October, 2009

The kermis society Röhrensee - from plentifully 200 inhabitants counting municipality in the is based of the growing castle can be more than proudly on itself. What one can reach with diligence, desire and love everything, is admirably. Children's kermis in ThuringiaNot each of a lot of kermis societies is blessed with sponsors so plentifully that she(it) can charter a clown or other solo entertainer in the catalogue of mediation services.

The kermis society brought their(her) DJ own to place and formed in own direction of the kermis society for the children of the place and guest's children of surrounding municipalities a children's program of finest.Children's kermis in Thuringia

Many children's games - whether as chair polo sharps with funny inserts, games of a circle orChildren's kermis in Thuringia Balloon inflate - with enthusiasm the small took part with game and enjoyment. Besides, none of the kermis fellows or kermis girls squeezed and always put on hand with if the kermis presenter needed help and support, because also the smallest children should have their(her) joy in the children's afternoon.
Very much skillfully they acted (naturally a little bit) to bigger children with the sack race - the participating kermis fellows had there so their(her) problems
Children's kermis in Thuringiato hold(regard) the balance.

Also the balloon dance all participating children graduated as a winner - here a father showed a small acrobatic insert.

Children's kermis in Thuringia

With the negro's head-bet sen all children appeared surely been fitting - even if the youngest needed a little bit more time. For it was not to be overlooked in their(her) faces what they had participated in.

Under severer control a newspaper dance had to be graduated. If the partner was small enough, one could get an advantage if he(it) could simply dance in Piggy-back with.

Also here one Thanks to in the kermis society, the landlords and landladys Umbreit in a lot of industrious helpers and the numerous sponsors.

Warm congratulations - great event - kermis society Röhrensee!

They would like to participate in one of the kermis events all around the growing castle and still have no accommodation?

Gladly you can use a special offer for the kermis weekends in the holiday home to Thuringia in Haarhausen.
At a price you can the holidays house "Wachsenburgblick" for 8 persons at a price of 200 Euros rent for 6 persons at a price of 180 Euros and 4 persons for 160 Euros.
The holidays house "Arnstadt" is rent-cash for 4 persons at a price of 100 Euros and with 2 persons at a price of 80 Euros.
Welcome in Haarhausen!

Children's kermis in Holzhausen - in 2009 Children's kermis in Holzhausen - Thuringia

Already before the official beginning of the event members of the kermis society Holzhausen with balloon games bridged the already waiting children. So they already had opportunity(occasion) to have the fling playfully a little. {Kermis society Holzhausen}

On the 31st October, 2009 about 15:15 o'clock - shortly after the kermis service in the trinity church of Holzhausen it was so far - the children's kermis was opened with the entry of the kermis society by the western restaurant "lasso" by free entry.

We experienced the children's kermis best organized with modest means with our children. Here appeared the unity of the kermis society which positioned itself not in the foreground, but animated from beginning up to the end and without break all present children. And from the size and age could not take part here completely so, the kermis brides and kermis fellows helped out constantly. Children's kermis in Holzhausen - Thuringia

Professional was the excellent presentation of the kermis fellow Moritz Peter who had in addition also the musical frame very well in grasping. The kermis societies which still execute no children's kermis, but this intend or kermis societies which look for suggestions, should perceive this appointment next year.Children's kermis in Holzhausen - Thuringia

Journey to Jerusalem " named was begun with the chair polo sharps or also ". Unfortunately, a part of the children was too small to be able to participate in this game. Some Mutti's insisted with their(her) infants on pursuing this attentively. So members of the kermis society filled the still free places(squares), however, the children always left as a winner.

With the subsequent balloon dance skill was asked. Broadmindedly the evaluation took place - the "eliminated" could select their(her) small price to themselves from a given area. Children's kermis in Holzhausen - ThuringiaNaturally foam kiss-dinner might not be also absent(lacking). The participating big got naturally like 2 pieces of this sweet splendour to give a Gewinnchanse also to the small - what they also reached naturally.

Positive and was worth mentioning that the prices were everything only Kleinstpreise to the comparable value. Therefore a commensurability was also protected. So also did not appear the impression that the game of the children had to be connected at all costs with a victory - it überwiegte taking part and the joy to the game. Children's kermis in Holzhausen - Thuringia

With the newspaper dance had naturally the pair(couple) with the smallest children's feet the best Gewinnchansen - the pairs(couples) of the kermis society was therefore already a fast one retire preprogrammed, although some tried with wealth of ideas to prevent this. Children's kermis in Holzhausen - Thuringia

While mummifying also there ruled an ordered appearance. The kermis fellows were fast in toilet paper mummies by skillful children's hands transformed - the kermis brides helped the smaller children whose toilet paper tore constantly. Therefore these also had their(her) sense of achievement.Children's kermis in Holzhausen - Thuringia With a clearing contest the hall was also quickly cleaned again. It would have been dear to a lot of parents if the Kids cleared their(her) own children's room just(exactly) so quickly.

For the conclusion some dances of a circle were still executed. I found no child of fitting age which did not participate in it.

Superperformance(Superachievement) - warm congratulations - dear kermis society. My children were inspired more than and still told long from this day.

A big financial expenditure must be not always pursued - if the whole kermis society stands behind it, finds a good presenter still in own rows and one which can execute the musical frame, a children's kermis becomes the remaining recollection for those for which she(it) was done - for our children. If then still several parents their(her) children allowed to participate, many diligence of the kermis society would also be in the correct relation.

Children's kermis in Haarhausen - ThuringiaChildren's kermis in Haarhausen - in 2009

Naturally it want to insist we to us on seeing in the native Haarhausen with his(its) approximately 600 inhabitants how the kermis society organizes the popular children's kermis and executes. Opposite the other places of the association of municipalities this municipality has the advantage to have the crèche in the place and with it a strong partner. Children's kermis in Haarhausen - ThuringiaAlso big, a new renovated and very well fitted out church hall directly in the village restaurant they name(mention) their(her) own.

On the 08th November, 2009 about 15:30 o'clock it was so far. Under the sounds the Arnstädter dance band " NightLife" it was immediately to the thing. The kermis brides deploied in neat Abendkeidern, the kermis fellows in the dark dress and showed the usual kermis formations under raving applause of the guests, however, also him already stretched to waiting children who sat lined up on the stage border not to miss(fit) the starting signal.Children's kermis in Haarhausen - ThuringiaStill during the opening waltz some kermis fellows and their(her) girls took to themselves some children and integrated them(her,it) with into the dance. A waltz was not it, but they took part the little ring rows very well.

Children's kermis in Haarhausen - ThuringiaNow the volume(tape) took over the events as presenters - then all group members helped with their(her) part to spontaneous ideas and mottoes very well. I was Überascht which occured(fell in) to them again new games - everything without piece of paper to entdeckenn after they processed the program.

It was immediately begun Children's kermis in Haarhausen - Thuringiawith melodic chair games in order to think and taking part what the children cannot escape.

More than arouses enthusiasm all children took part and marvelled how attentively they can be, besides.Children's kermis in Haarhausen - Thuringia

The chair polo sharps usual everywhere are also not absent(lacking) naturally, even if here against the prognoses denied two Jungs the final.

Now - it is just a music group - many children's programs could become therefore live musically frames, as for example the cowboy also popular with the children and Indian's dance " the red horse ". Children's kermis in Haarhausen - ThuringiaOne could suppose that he(it) was already danced everywhere, because the Kids knew just(exactly) which figures they had to show with the appropriate passage in the text.

But also one under a lot of songs like " 3 Chinese with the contrabass " which celebrates his(its) almost hundred-year birthday was known among some children. I had to inform myself first of all about the sense of the texts - a linguistic song with nonsense text by the constant change of the vowels of the same texts.Children's kermis in Haarhausen - Thuringia Because I was not sure(safe) to just - under Wikipedia it is described very well with text examples.

Was happy that here the Kids with bigger prices were spoiled, although the plentiful drop cannon crackers allow to bang together every dentist the hands onto the head. Children's kermis in Haarhausen - ThuringiaWith the bigger Jungs which could collect naturally surely quickly the drops(sweets) neat mountains of the sweet splendour accumulated of part.

With the dances and other program parts the members of the kermis society had to do all hands fully and lesteten an outstanding contribution(article) with the animation of the present children. Children's kermis in Haarhausen - ThuringiaNow we have also arrived here with the annoying problem of the participation. Even our kindergarden children could show in each case two other children from own kindergarden group - yes - where were then the other? On the one hand one hears from the inhabitants that nothing gets rid in the village - and if what is "loose - the participation is alarmingly low. The children present here were fully occupied more than 2 hours(lessons) and were with whole hearts with the thing.

Here naturally a quite thick(fat) praise is due to the "children's entertainments officers" and at the same moment musicians of the group "NightLife", but also to all members of the kermis society of Haarhausen which gave their(her) best to the success of the children's afternoon - even if there was here no homemade cake of the kermis brides or their(her) kermis mothers.

Result of 10 children's kermises - events

The aim of this publication should be to inform the kermis societies how other societies(companies) organize their(her) children's kermis. It plays therefore no roll(role) whether one stands there financially well and can instruct solo entertainer or a volume(tape) with the execution or should execute everything in own direction more cheaply. Who is with heart with the thing, will also harvest thanks to the children. They wish varied children's games, community dances and other animations. Breaks should not be planned. Should downtimes, nevertheless, appear, a spontaneous intervention of the kermis society would be praiseworthy. The children to whom it becomes too much do a break when they hold(regard) it as correct - not if it just announces the presenter.

The kermis societies should be active with, even if music groups or solo entertainers take over the presentation. Many hands are just asked if one liked to include all children with. The kermis societies must not necessarily execute in firm clothes a children's kermis - even if it looks very beautiful - but, nevertheless, a uniform(standardized) out-fit demonstrates their(her) unity and arrangement.

Positive it was also accepted by children's border programs like the face painting or also to phloem leaks where the children find a sphere of activity or alternation which want to participate just not in one or other community game.

A consideration would be worth whether none of the kermis society or the parents is found who can be busy with among 3-year-old who were strongly represented with all events differently. Nevertheless, they also belong to the children. Here old-fair animations are to be executed naturally.

Some parents also did not understand the request correctly: it was not a matter of " delivering" the children - "of letting "amuse" and of taking afterwards again. With school children it fits - with smaller less. Certainly, it is an event of the children whom the kermis society organizes. Activer helping would be desirable with some parents. Reserved children should execute with the parents together the community programs. Then they already thaw with joy in the game from alone, however, need frequently the impulse and influencing control of the parents. And if just no kermis girl or kermis fellow is available to the support of the games, the courageous intervention of the parents would well also look. One is able to come absolutely not own smaller child to the little ring row or dance of a circle integrate.

The kermis societies should provide if prices are intended, many Kleinstpreise by comparable Kinnder value in use. Therefore one prevents envy and quarrel among the children. It should be only a small attention for the "victory". And, nevertheless, sponsors are found in every place - from craftsman begun up to agrarian cooperative, doctors or other independent.

All kermis societies should try after Because of to reach a wider participation during the consequence years. Nevertheless, the expenditure should also have been worthwhile. Particularly in the bigger places the participation was alarmingly low. Nevertheless, with the numerous families with thin purse just the children's kermis should be a welcome alternation.

For us as guests was praiseworthy if the operator of hall no cake or lunch offers professionally that then the kermis society organizes something comparable. Besides, we found the homemade cake - certainly from the kermis mums prepared - very pleasing. With low proceeds of sale one contributes to the Refinanzierung of the event. Also our children want to eat for the small hunger not only drops(sweets) and Schaumküsse.

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